Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prison Tips to Survive Prison

This blog is filled with prison tips that reveal the unspoken rules of jail. Many people get incarcerated and have to adapt to the rules of prison blindly. Jail is a serious place and it shouldn't take a threat to your physical safety for you to realize what’s accepted there. It's valuable to first teach you the rules of prison and I'll explain some of what you're going to need to know. 

This blog was written specifically to help the first-time inmate adjust to a new lifestyle that comes with a jail term. I share hard earned information gained through ten years of first hand experience. This was designed to make you aware of the many common pitfalls you are likely to encounter.  In order to avoid falling prey to the predatory inmates, as so many have, you are going to need preparation. These prison tips will guide you. 

There is no need to go into the extreme transitional period of jail without knowing what to be prepared for. These are serious prison tips to teach you the way of life inside most of our jails today. Sometimes, learning as you go may prove to be too late. My aim is to educate you on what's expected in jail to get home safely as soon as possible, unscathed, and with no problems.

Here are a few examples on surviving life in jail:

1. Turn off the outside world. Thinking about an upcoming party that you’re supposed to be attending with a girl will do nothing but upset you. Do your best to turn it off. The rules of jail dictate it doesn’t exist- except to hurt you. You have to be focused in the present if you’re looking to make it unscathed.

2. When dealing with others, the best prison tips advise you to move slowly. Take your time and consider all the angles. Remember if something happens, there’s nowhere you can go to avoid trouble. You are stuck in this environment no matter what, so just take caution with everything you do. Your word is the very important. What you say is set in stone and you’re obligated to do what you say, so consider the rules of prison and chose your words very carefully every day.

3. Jails are segregated and it is clear as soon as you walk in. When you’re ready, find the people you would normally cling to. Don’t feed into bigotry, be natural. It’s about the clear boundaries that have always been there and will always be there. Of course, you can deal with whoever you wish, however, just be aware of the boundaries that dictate the rules of prison already in place.

4. Be clean. In prison, you’re pretty much going to have to be your own doctor so keeping a clean living environment will keep you from getting sick. Further, you just may start a trend, which is helpful for everyone.

5. Get into something. Find a craft. Artwork, give haircuts, read books, etc. By engaging in activities, you’ll avoid being bored and you’ll get good at whatever your craft. You’ll also avoid the bored crowd that gets into trouble. Eventually, you can sell your craft and earn commissary. 

6. Never invite another inmate to your privates. Ever. No “kiss my butt.” No “suck my D.” Don’t say anything that can be construed as an invitation. There are many convicts that will see it as the ultimate disrespect and may result in an immediate fistfight. Some people take these comments very seriously and are best not said.

7. No playing with the hands. One misstep and it can easily turn into a full on fistfight.  Naturally, you'll establish a friendly relationship with a fellow inmate and playing with the hands should not be part of your activities. It’s all too common for friends to quickly become enemies. People get too familiar and the boundaries become unclear. Remeber, these aren't your friends from home. The rules of jail advise against horseplay and you can also receive a disciplinary infraction in some states.

8. Don’t reach over anyone’s food. It’s an unwritten rule of prison and is seen as disrespectful. It can easily turn into an argument or a shove to your arm. Once physical contact is broken, and things get heated, problems escalate. Especially, if you’re a “New Jack", so to clearly avoid unnecessary problems, prison tips suggest you to be mindful of the food (and overall property) of others.

9. Giving to charity is great while you are a free man, but not so much in jail. Some inmates take kindness for weakness and they will come asking you for things every single day. If you choose to give, do it seldom. If you don't put limits on things, before you know it, you will be the one without food begging other people. Remember to preserve what little you have.

10. Stand up for yourself. No matter what, win or lose. A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies at once. Cowardice will invite the abuse of others every single day. People will give you whatever you tolerate so don't get used to taking orders from people. Unless you plan on continuing to take orders from others. Set your boundaries, as a fight can only hurt once. For the most part, it’s more mental than actual pain. People will respect you for standing up for what's yours, even though it's uncomfortable.

My goal was to provide you with some insight into the rules of jail and I hope I delivered that value. Please visit my website and review the newest edition of my book on prison survival.


Genevieve Regan said...

GREAT read for ALL! Especially those who know someone awaiting prison time or going to serve time themselves. This really touches on how to succeed and get out at your earliest release date. This book is purely factual information and full of positivity. Be sure to check out if you want to learn the BEST way to stay focused inside.

Rick said...

Great tips.I have done alot of time in alot of stste prisons and them are great tips.also do not volunteer for anything missions I would give so tips,advice and to pay attention to every detail and like he said boundaries are very important and by not following this politics via rules can be a detriment to your safety or health.I have done 20 years in 13 State Prisons and wrote a book last year. I also gangbanged for 38 years street gangs to prison gangs to Prison Shotcaller in 10 of those prisons.If anyone's is interested in a real book about Prison Life and culture go to Amazon.com and enter this title "Prison Adventures Memoirs of My Checkered Past" By Richard Bumperjack Hartley Jr.